Throughout my wellness journey, I have found my life’s purpose.  Something that combines all of my passions into one beautiful space, this is The Healing Drop.


Once I realized that what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies, my eyes were wide open to what I was using in my home.  Using simple, naturally derived ingredients, I found that I was able to make alternatives that were not only safe for me, but also had many health benefits.  

I have to share with you, the story of Comfort Cream.  It all started from a Hippy Little Christmas Market in a yoga studio. My table was filled with homemade bath soaks and scrubs. It was a wonderful success.  A few weeks later, the owner of the studio sent me a recipe for a magnesium cream and asked if I was able to make it for her… and if I was, she offered for me to sell it out of her studio.  


My life has been forever changed, since the moment I walked into the studio with my first batch of cream. Each person that uses the cream, shares a different way in which they use it. The benefits are endless due to the ingredients that make up this beautiful cream.  This is why you do not see a listing of uses on the label… and I ask that you write a review on my page for all to see just how you used the cream for yourself.

Enjoy the Comfort in mind, body & spirit!

*I will be sharing more of my homemade goodies with you, so check back often.

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