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Connect with Melissa online or in person for personal life advice and strategic planning. 

Promote wellness alongside a team of professionals who love to live their active lifestyles, 

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I am an introspective woman who has healed herself from an eating disorder, depression, toxicity, failed relationships, business blunders, and a head injury, I understand health in a holistic way. I know what it’s like to struggle with physical, mental, and spiritual health, and I also know what it’s like to be aligned. What I’ve learned is that wellness involves multiple aspects. By integrating these dimensions, I honuor the bio-individual needs of my clients, helping them forge a life which fuels their soul. 


My leadership & coaching is personalized to help you feel your best. Together, we will assess your overall well-being and uncover the areas of your life that need support. Then, working from a place of compassion and intuition, we will create practices that work for you. Whether that’s incorporating earth-based foods into your diet, exploring  the stresses in your life that may be holding you back or guiding you to foster a loving and gentle relationship with your body.  I can help you. 

A force of nature here to nurture and serve humanity.

Meet our team of caring professionals. 

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