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by Daniel Dunbar


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The Forest Greens are a synergistic blend of proteins, fats and green leafy vegetables. The blend has been designed to have a neutral flavor. This is ideal for those who want to be eating for gut health, boosting their brain power, and eating their vegetables, in an easily attainable way.


This product is designed to be a perfect support to a cleanse. It also happens to be excellent as a regular maintenance source of food. The preparation is very quick and very simple. Simply add water and shake for an instant green smoothie, or use less water for a porridge consistency.

The nutrient profile is balance and stacked with leafy green vegetables. There is a optimal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats from the chia seeds. The amino acids and proteins are coming from multiple sources that creates a spectrum of highly absorb-able brain boosting and muscle building support. There is a high concentration of phospholipids in the blend. The membrane of nerves are made of phospholipids


You may experience a boost of calmness or alertness in yourself after eating the Forest Greens. This happens because the brain is being nourished, the appetite is being turned off and the body is getting the food and fiber needed for gut health.


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The Cleansing with the Elements packages

are designed to be a complete mucoid plaque removal process with a cleansing manual.

This complete package is designed to last between 3 - 9 days of cleansing and 3 - 6 days of breaking the cleanse. The majority of your food will come from these Elements, thus saving you the money regularily spent on food. The total asking price of the package is $110, and comes with discounts on bulk orders.

It is important to understand the use of enemas and colonics while doing this cleanse. While cleansing on juice, use an enema bag every day or at the very least every second day. Make sure you have bowel movements everyday.

The five Elements in the cleanse are the following:

Meadow Dust:

175 gr.

Meadow Dust contains a synergistic blend of herbs to support the body during the cleanse. The Meadow Dust herbs loosen mucoid plaque quickly. They have electrolyte support in the form of bio-available grasses and green leaf powders.

Star Dust:

75 gr.

Star Dust contains a bulking fibre and clay. This combination magnetises to mucous and allows the body to grab hold and remove the accumulations. Use this product with Meadow Dust to remove mucous while cleansing.


Magnetic Earth:

75 gr.


Magnetic Earth is a combination of natural earth materials that are very well known to improve the health of the body. Essentially this is consuming the purified earth. This potent potion will absorb toxic material, destroy pathogenic organisms, and supply beneficial minerals.


Fire Dust:

75 gr.

Fire up Cleansing with the Elements! Fire Dust Provides a boost in clarity of mind and powers up immunity. Most importantly, these herbs potentiate the effectiveness of herbs taken throughout the day.

Forest Greens:

350 gr.

Forest Greens are a synergistic blend of full spectrum amino acids, fatty acids and vegetables in the form of greens. Replace your eggs breakfast with this powerful meal replacement as a no-pot porridge or instant green drink.

Removing mucoid plaquing needs to be the number one goal in cleansing. The reason for this, is having plaquing in the intestines reduces how much the body is able to digest, absorb, and holds on to a toxic load, all of which decreases the vitality of the person. The removal has an opportunity for a significant improvement in health.

Join the Facebook Group for Immediate Support and for any questions, as well as additional reading material.

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