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Cleansing with the Elements

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by Daniel Dunbar

Best I know, Cleansing with the Elements is an approach to food, cleansing and wellness.

Use all the products - best you can - unless one ingredient or multiple cause an issue. Thus far, there have been an issue with:  cayenne and blood pressure, and moringa with nausea and runny stools.

Develop a knowledge with each formula, learn about them, and feel their effect. Appreciate how the overall synergy of the product tones the body. Tone in this respect is as though a guitar is being tuned. Each food we consume tones the body.


When we leave certain food out, and consistently, the body is able to be on a new level. This is a strategy of maintaining new levels of health. Usually we begin with eliminating the most indigestible, often synthetic chemical food, or highly processed food we are consuming. Secondly, we then look at mind altering substances (coffee, alcohol, sugar, cannabis) and allergenic food or food sensitivities. Get these bases covered for yourself as you progress on the path of education and application of food knowledge.


Do you believe your physical body, your emotional body, and your mental body have different layers of health?

There are always new levels of health we can achieve.

Do you have a friend who is well and has a low level of poor health?

Our wellness may be in terms of chronic health! Chronic relates to the word chronos, which is over time.

Then we may see health and wellness as balance or imbalance.

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