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by Daniel Dunbar

Evolve Through Learning the How and Why of Cleansing

To cleanse is a skill. We want this for the long-term in our lives. In this manual we will look at the basic theory and practise of cleansing. The package is produced by a creative artist named Daniel Dunbar. He has been trained in Fine Arts at the University of Calgary. Daniel used his conceptual and philosophical skills, applied to nutritional science, in the development of this package. Philosophically speaking nutrition is a mystery. The evidence for this are people who do not eat food. We can be carnivores and be very healthy. We can be plant based or eat fast food. Basically and conceptually food is not very important. The opposite is true too. Food is much less important than how we live and move in life. Although, food and cleansing can be a big help in getting us to where we want to go. The choice is ours.


1. Long-term Vision


Using food and cleansing is a lifetime change to the body. These changes take time and requires building the knowledge like a skill. During this process, we want to live within our comfort zone and periodically move out more into new territories of cleansing as a way of getting stronger and cleaner. We feel better as people, when our bodies are nourished and cleaned from the inside out. This can have a dramatic influence on our lives. The process happens with consistent effort and a long-term vision. Don't be discouraged however, simple steps have huge results.


2. Accumulations in the Body


The accumulation of waste occurs over years of eating. The physical body will store the waste it cannot eliminate. Waste includes the by-products of metabolism of the food we eat, and the critters that feed off of this mal-digested food. We may notice these accumulations as slightly uncomfortable and often tolerable, such as rashes, headaches, irritability, excess weight, excessive sadness, cloudy thinking, and much more.

3. Composting Critters 


We attract and employ critters to help break down partially digested foods. The critters are parasites, yeasts, molds, viruses, bacteria, and fungus. They are composters and leave further toxicity behind themselves.


4. Build up of Mucous


The intestinal tract is lined with a mucosal layer of cells. Mucus is produced by the intestines in excess and is difficult to eliminate. This mucus protects the body from undigested pasty glue from the foods we eat, such as from chips, crisps, candies, pastries, cookies, and generally processed foods. What we have left over is a buildup of mucoid plaquing. This layer of plaquing contributes to deficiencies and toxicity through malabsorption and housing the critters.

5. Leading to Imbalance


The human body responds with many different types of imbalances because of the plethora of different types of critters, toxic loads, and deficiencies. There may be a fungal overload rather than bacterial imbalance, or there may be this type of bacteria instead of that one, as examples. Each unique situation leads the body to responding with its own level of balance or imbalance. Every story of how someone became out of balance will be their own. However the response is the same, cleanse and nourish.

6. Cleansing Ourselves

The foundation of a healthy physical body begins with the functioning of the digestive system. Cleansing ourselves is about learning the tools and understanding to bring all our bodies back into balance. The human body is always striving to gain balance. When we give the body the opportunity, it will remove the toxicity or accumulations and sure up deficiencies.

7. Mental - Emotional


Nourishment and cleansing give a foundation for healthy mental and emotional bodies. The emotional and mental bodies become more sensitive with cleansing. This allows for greater insight and awareness for the person. The needs of the emotional and mental become ready for their own work as the physical body is supported. Psychological, intimacy and trauma work could be the underlying factor for gaining the next level of balance that nourishment and cleansing is no longer addressing well. New layers become exposed and we grow through evolution.