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Lady Melissa


I'd like to share a little bit with you about myself so that you can understand why I offer this program and how important it is for me to share my discoveries with you. In 2013 I suffered some physical trauma when I was struck in the head with a 50 lb plate that fell from the ceiling in an elevator.  Along with my typical concussion symptoms I experienced difficulty with my memory and speech. This lead to depression, confusion and I found myself frustrated and feeling frazzled trying to make sense of what had happened to me. 


When the advice I received made me feel worse instead of better, I decided to face it head on. 


I set out to heal from my unwell state. I knew from working with hundreds of people who saw improvements in their health by focussing on liyfstyle that if I was serious about my own health & wellness my body could heal and I would again be able to function at higher capacity. I also knew that I would have to accept the solution, even if it meant changing my own belief system I had lived with for decades. 


So I put myself through a process of personal growth and spiritual development exploring nutritionally transformational practices to heal my body, mind and spirit. 


Through my personal healing journey, I discovered products & services that assisted my journey. 

I am now able to passionately share my discovery of wellness and self healing through the products, services and support you will find on this website. I am inspired everyday to share the healing products and services I discovered from my own lifelong process of self-healing because it has made such a world of difference for me. 

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