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Ready to Commit?


We make sure everyone can join us! If you don't have much money, we offer lower prices. And if you have more, you can help others by giving a little extra. This way, nobody has to worry about money to get our help. 😊💕



Price List: Check the Images For General Pricing


Please choose the amount, and in the notes section let us know what it’s covering.


If you are joining an instudio class - your Heal Thy Self Studio account on the Jane App will be credited properly. If this is to cover a specific session you’re already registered for, please indicate the date / dates.


Refunds aren't available, but most paid sessions can be transferred to someone else if needed and will be evaluated on a case per case basis.


Compassionate Pricing is offered "on Your Honour".

Anyone who attempts to abuse or misuse this policy, we reserve the right to remove them from our services promptly.


If you don't pay for the session before hand, an invoice will be provided that you can pay via etransfer, credit card or with Sovran. The invoice will be sent in the suggested value unless determined differently beforehand.

Contribute to Heal Thy Self

  • Liability Waiver for Heal Thy Self Studio Activities

    By participating you agree to the following: 

    #1 - Taking Care: I promise to take care of myself during activities and not do anything I'm not comfortable with.

    #2 - Responsibility: I will be responsible for my own actions and any injuries that might happen to me.

    #3 - No Blaming: I won't blame Heal Thy Self Studio or anyone if something goes wrong.

    By participating, I show that I understand these rules and agree to follow them.