The Meadow Dust herbs loosen mucous quickly. They have electrolyte support in the form of bio-available grasses and green leafy vegetable powders. Think of Meadow Dust as an herbal vegetable juice that is ready to go. Enjoy these bitter and grounding herbs with water.


Place 3 TBS of Meadow Dust with three cups of water. Have one serving per day in the evening. Have the serving after you have finished drinking juice for the day. Or place 1 TBS of Meadow Dust in water and drink three times per day.


You can add a splash of juice, mix with nut mylk or herbal tea and stir or blend in a smoothie. Meadow Dust can also be added to Forest Greens. This blend has a bulking fiber that promotes bowel movements.


Meadow Dust:


Psyllium*, Burdock*, Sheep Sorrel*, Plantain*, Barberry Root*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Wheatgrass*, Alfalfa Grass*, Nettle Leaf*, Alfalfa Leaf*, Moringa*, Spirulina*, Chlorella*, Slippery elm*, Beetroot*, Ginger*, Stevia*, Turkey Rhubarb*
*organic ingredient
Locally Produced in Calgary!

18 gr. per 3 TBS serving.
Approximately 9 servings per bag.

Take one serving per day.
300 gr. bag

Meadow Dust



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