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The Cleanse with the Elements BASIC package includes:

Meadow Dust (175 gr.), Star Dust (75 gr.), and a Printed copy of the Cleansing Manual.



Removing mucoid plaque needs to be the number one goal in cleansing. The reason for this, is having plaquing in the intestines reduces how much the body is able to digest, absorb, and holds on to a toxic load, which decreases the vitality of the person. The removal has an opportunity for a significant improvement in health. The process of removing mucoid plaque is simple. The basic ingredients that are needed for this to happen are, psyllium mixed with bentonite clay, drinking juice only, and washing out the colon. That is all that's needed for successfully removing mucoid plaque. Herbs are used to enhance the cleansing effects and create a safer experience for the body because they aid in removing toxic material that gets released.


Meadow Dust:


Psyllium*, Burdock*, Sheep Sorrel*, Plantain*, Barberry Root*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Wheatgrass*, Alfalfa Grass*, Nettle Leaf*, Alfalfa Leaf*, Moringa*, Spirulina*, Chlorella*, Slippery elm*, Beetroot*, Ginger*, Stevia*, Turkey Rhubarb*
*organic ingredient
Locally Produced in Calgary!

18 gr. per 3 TBS serving.
Approximately 9 servings per bag.

Take one serving per day.
175 gr. bag


The Meadow Dust herbs loosen mucous quickly. They have electrolyte support in the form of bio-available grasses and green leafy vegetable powders. Think of Meadow Dust as an herbal vegetable juice that is ready to go. Enjoy these bitter and grounding herbs with water.


Place 3 TBS of Meadow Dust with three cups of water. Have one serving per day in the evening. Have the serving after you have finished drinking juice for the day. Or place 1 TBS of Meadow Dust in water and drink three times per day.


You can add a splash of juice, mix with nut mylk or herbal tea and stir or blend in a smoothie. Meadow Dust can also be added to Forest Greens. This blend has a bulking fiber that promotes bowel movements


Star Dust:

Psyllium*, Bentonite Clay*
*organic ingredient
Locally Produced in Calgary!
9 gr. Per 1 TBS serving
Approximately 7 servings per bag
Take 1 Serving Per Day While Cleansing
75 gr. bag


Star Dust contains a bulking fibre and clay. This combination magetises to mucous and allows the
body to grab hold and remove accumulations. Be careful to remove the Star Dust with enemas or
conlonics. Be careful to eat only fruit or fruit juice when consuming Star Dust. Do not eat any cooked
starch, cheese or any similar food while cleansing.


On the first day of cleansing you can skip using Star Dust until the following morning. At the end of the
cleanse, stop using Star Dust. Break the cleanse with fresh juicy fruit for a few days.


One serving is 1 TBS of Star Dust. Have one serving per day. Add Star Dust in juice to form a thick porridge (two cups juice) consistency or a thinner smoothie (four cups juice) consistency. Consume in the morning as a light breakfast and consume away from Forest Greens or Meadow Dust.

Cleanse BASIC