GUIDANCE PROGRAM (on-going support):

When you are working with me, you and I will glean from all of the resources I have available.  We will plan our goals and strategies for you. The five major questions we will cover are:

where have you been,

where are you today,

where do you want to go,

why do you want to go there,

and how will you get there?


Let's journey together and move through the adjustments your body needs for higher vibration. Paying for support and guidance, over time, can have a powerful impact on your path and results. Imagine going to a land you have never been to. Does not having a GUIDE with a MAP help you to get to where you want to go, make sense?

I am selling these packages for a minimum of seven 30 minute sessions at a price of PAY WHAT YOU CAN and a minimum fee of THERE NEED BE AN EXCHANGE, and your patience and cooperation. These sessions will be scheduled ahead of time using the calendly button.

Wellness Guidance

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