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I'd like to share a little bit with you about myself so that you can understand why I could perhaps be the one you are looking for to provide you the guidance, resources and support for the next part of your healing journey.


If you read my journey and feel moved by my words – like you want to know more – feel free to let me know how I can help support you in your pursuit of whole and sovereign wellness. I would like you to attend one of my online classes, seminars, workshops or live retreats if you are able. One on One consultations are by private appointment and it is recommended to attend one or more events or trainings before applying for a consultation. 


If you are feeling depressed, low energy, fatigued, frustrated and like you have tried everything with little or no success – I can relate. I know what it’s like to go from being a happy human who could take care of herself and was there for her friends and then one day everything changed. I wasn’t able to care for myself, connect with others in meaningful ways or even find my way around to my regular places without feeling lost and helpless. I was stuck, feeling miserable and didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt that I had 'tried everything' and while things seemed to work well for others - they sure weren't working for me. 

It didn't happen all of a sudden... it was a more gradual over time. Things started to pile up. I was unable to manage my mood, my energy, my skin or my sleep. I was on medication for birth control, anxiety, panic attacks, skin rashes and using a steroid inhaler for my chronic cough that instead of being seasonal was now happening all year. Life felt high-stress and uncertain. I was high-strung and exhausted. My nightly routine included over the counter sleep medication, red wine and NyQuil to ensure I could pass out instead of up all night to worry about work, relationships and finances which were on the forefront of my mind.  I would wake up tired, drained and then still have to face yet another day. The hamster wheel had gotten me and I didn't see a way off. 


In 2013 I got my course correction. It came at a surprising time when I was taking some time to rest and recover after being side-swiped by a semi truck and trailer.  Thankfully I walked away from the accident without too much troubles.  I didn't suffered extensive physical trauma until I was struck in the head by the ceiling in an elevator.  I know right?!? The sky literally fell – except it wasn’t the sky – it was a heavy panel. These two events happened within the same week... I am glad there wasn't three. 


Apparently 30 years before someone had used glue instead of screws and it happened to come loose somewhere between the 12th floor and the hotel lobby. I don’t know how long I was in there before I was found collapsed inside by another hotel guest. I watched from above as the paramedics tried to ask me questions. They propped me up in a chair but I saw myself unable to respond. I woke up in the ambulance and was extremely concerned about what they were administering via IV but unable to communicate with the paramedic. He assured me it was only saline and took me to the hospital. 


Along with my typical concussion symptoms I experienced difficulty with my memory and speech. This lead to depression, confusion and I found myself frustrated and feeling frazzled trying to make sense of what had happened to me. I didn’t understand why such a thing would happen to me. I was a good person. I lived my normal life being kind and helping others. I really hoped that the doctors, nurses and specialists could help me. They gave me very little answers, advised me not to exercise and to take various medications.


When the advice I received made me feel worse instead of better, I decided to take personal responsibility for my own wellness and healing. It was then that my own personal journey truly began.


I set out to heal from my very unwell state. I knew from working in a holistic clinical practice, with hundreds of people who saw improvements in their health by focusing on liyfstyle, that if I was serious about my own health & wellness my body could heal and I would again be able to function at higher capacity. I also knew that I would have to accept the situation, even if it meant changing my own belief system I had lived with for decades. 


I put myself through a process of personal growth and spiritual development exploring transformational practices to heal my body, mind, spirit and bank account. 


Through this adversity and my personal healing journey, I discovered practices and products that assisted me greatly. 

I am now able to passionately share my discovery of wellness and self healing through the products, services and support you will find on this website. I am inspired every day to share these healing products and services I discovered from my own lifelong process of self-healing because it has made such a world of difference for me. 

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