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Live In Your Freedom Style

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Lady Melissa
     Doctriss - a woman who is believed to have magic powers and              may be able to cure illness

Melissa is a bright, hardworking, ambitious women who has dedicated her life to transforming lives through health, wealth, relationships and daily lifestyle practices. Her proven track record, in cutting edge modalities of health and wellness, has drawn many benefits for her friends, clients and community. 


She is an advanced and self educated practitioner of both orthomolecular healing, neural pathways opening and alignment through specific physical movement, breath work and mental exercises. 


Visitors travel the world to work with Melissa.


Facilitating wellness retreats and speaking across the globe empowering people to take control of their health in more than a dozen countries has given Melissa the opportunity to work along side some of the brightest and most respected people in the world of wellness. She’s travelled the world helping thousands of people and will stop never serving. 


Living her own life as an example and testament of her lifestyle practices keeps her fit, young and having fun in her 40’s.


She has one young daughter who loves to accompany and assist her mom. They split their time between Calgary and the country to enjoy the benefits of balance in life. 


You will find her at breathing, drinking water and nourishing herself at Farmer’s Markets, mountain peaks and in places of great healing. 


Everyone that meets Melissa becomes a better version of themselves.

guided programs and personal, private support

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