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Self Mastery

Melissa Stering, Self Care Expert

Human Spirit Healer

Self Care is the new Health Care. 

SELF MASTERY is all about true soul connection.


Do you have a passion and drive to create an even better life? 

Are you ready to invest your time, energy and self into your freedom & happiness?


My personal commitment

• I will help you determine your true values you so can begin living in alignment 

• I will help you set up milestones along your path to personal mastery

• I will help you create new patterns that push you towards your goals, happiness and success 

• I will help you see blind spots that you didn’t even realize were there 

• I will challenge you and comfort you 

• I will help you become an even more conscious human who is in control of their thoughts, feelings and mindset

• I will brainwash you into thinking that you are capable of anything


Personal Mastery


Energy Flow


Self Mastery


Align with your Spiritual Self. Find meaning of life events and define your individual purpose. 


Care for your body to promote optimal health and functioning. 


Mental wellness can do more for your health than simply make you ‘feel better’. 

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